Terms and Conditions


  • Customers must provide full, accurate and legible information in the order form.

  • All information provided by our valued customers on Laptop Skins Pakistan site for registration as well as for online purchase is treated as strictly confidential. Information submitted during the secure form process is encrypted for your protection.

  • Our site uses SSL technology and encryption to support secure on-line transactions.

  • All prices are in Pak. Rs., payable to Laptop Skins Pakistan.

  • The prices do not include duties for any country.

  • All items offered are subjected to availability at the time of placing your order.

  • Designs and prices are subject to changes without notice.


  • Kindly pay exact cash at the time of Delivery if Cash on Delivery (COD) payment mode selected.

  • Please allow 3-5 working days for deliveries within Pakistan.

  • In case the delivery is not made due to incorrect information provided, the customer will not be entitled to any product replacement or refund.

  • Laptop Skins Pakistan would not be liable by way of compensation for any loss (es) suffered by the customer, either directly or as a consequence of any late delivery / miss-delivery / non-delivery for an order.

Currencies Other Than Pakistan Rupees (Rs.)

  • All prices are displayed in Pak Rs. However, if you have changed the currency, please note that all currency conversions are estimated and the price that you see is relatively close to the given price, but may not necessarily be the exact price of an item.

  • The final price of an item is the Pak. Rs. value converted from the currency selected by you and is dependent on the exchange rate prevailing between the selected currency and the Pak Rupee.

  • The Pak. Rs. value is what will be charged to the customer and credited to Laptop Skins Pakistan . Any difference between this amount and the amount on customer's credit card statement is attributed to bank charges/commission for currency conversion. Laptop Skins Pakistan has no comments or control in determining what these charges are and it is understood that the customer will bear these charges (if any).

Color Variation

  • We firmly believe that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor could be different as compared to the actual product ordered. All colors shown on our web site are an exercise to provide our customers with the maximum available choice of Laptop Skins Pakistan ’ products. It is practically impossible for Laptop Skins Pakistan to replicate the same colors on a product as seen on your screen.

  • While every endeavor has been made to accurately reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in color of the actual product because of the nature of leather.

  • A customer placing an order must keep in mind this minor variation in color as seen on a computer screen against the actual color of the product received.