n the year 2007, I was browsing the forums of WorldCall, when I stumbled upon a post, regarding a person selling used Laptop Skins brought from the United States of America for Rs. 1,000 /-. The price stuck me hard and I exclaimed;

How can someone sell stickers for 1000 ruppess which are used skins?

Pondering over this dilemma for one whole night, I decided that I am going to find a way to manufacture it in Pakistan. I started googling for manufacturing technologies similar to high quality vinly printing and producing sticking material that is able not to leave any residue after removal. The very next being so restless about the idea, I bought a basic printing equipment and started experimenting with different type of paper materials.

A 2 week tenure of consecutive failures got my moral down but I refused to give up and finally I had the technology. It was an achievement for me, I had finally reverse engineered the technology that produced Laptop Skin as a product.

Now the next problem was, How to Sell it?. After trading a couple of computer hardware along the forums, I finally put it on the forums for selling. Shortly, a great response was observed, which led me to register the domain www.laptopskins.com.pk with PKNIC.

I didnt had enough money to get a Website developed by a company, so it took me another week to learn web development and finally I made a website using a content management system known as Joomla. After the website had been deployed, there were two technologies that were introduced. One in Pakistan known as EasyPaisa and the second facebook was kicking up.

Now starting small from a city of Lahore, I was able to reach my customers all over Pakistan and there I was the first person in Pakistan to ever bring the concept and technology of Laptop Skins.

Today, the whole website has been made custom, built to fit the product that is Laptop Skin using an online ordering method. I had ideas back then and now I see them folding one by one and the biggest one was to embed a order tracking system for my customers.

A message to all;

"An idea is like a flame, you keep fuelling it for longer duration's, and it surely erupts in a volcano of opportunities"