About Laptop Skins

Normally we used to talk about mobile phone skins and casings, but now the idea has been adopted by Laptop industry as well – as we can now find diverse variety of colors and topics for laptop skins’ available out there in the market.

Laptop skins are usually the “Glossy Poster created with high quality printing”. The idea is evolving everywhere in the world, including UK, USA and other countries. In UK, laptop skins can cost you around 44 pounds but in Pakistan you can get them in Rs.350 only, providing shipping all over Pakistan.

Laptop Skins are usually a vinyl stickers made of adhesive material and good protector for laptop back side of LCD screen or front of Lid of Laptop. They can easily install and remove without having any sticky residue on the surface of lid or anywhere else and these skins are soft and glossy like you bought a new laptop of “Asus Style Series” having metallic glossy look.

It is excellent way of handling Mobile Commerce and in fact promoting Online shopping’s in Pakistan

4 Resistant System

Resistant System

Our 4 way resistant system ensures that your condition of your laptop is preserved in the utmost manner. Its not just design, but proves to be a protective layer, giving beauty with strength to your laptop. These 4 systems have been rigorously experimented and examined, before publishing to claim. This surely adds quality to our product.

Scratch resistance ensures your laptop and its skin stay in tip-top condition.


No worries about that coffee or tea spillover. Our skins are Splash Resistant.


Static charges can get painfully irritating. Our skins eliminates the risk of getting static charge.


Carry it all you want, Our skins wont get damaged by your sweat. Not one bit.

Our Mission

To maintain monopoly in the product of Laptop Skins in Pakistan, based on quality and customer support

Our Vision

To dominate the Laptop Skins market all around the world by making Pakistan the prime leader as a manufacturer of Laptop Skins